• ypserv reports access from illegal port
    Sometimes you can find error messages in the syslog files, that ypserv denied access to an illegal port which is greater than 32768. The reason for this is unknown, but with newer kernel (>=2.4.18) and glibc (>=2.2.5) this does not seem to happen.
  • ypserv on RedHat 6.1 is broken
    RedHat compiles ypserv with ndbm supports and link it against libdb1 in ndbm compat mode. This is very slow and does not work in all cases (Read the README file in the ypserv sources). Another problem is, that db1 files have another name then ndbm files, ypserv will search the wrong files. Fix: Recompile ypserv with gdbm support.
  • Linux as NIS master will not work with a Irix 6.5.x NIS slave server
    Irix 6.5.x doesn't allow TCP connections for all ypserv functions. Please add the ypserv-1.3.7a.diff patch from ftp.kernel.org for yppush or update to the latest ypserv version. ypserv 1.3.8 and later should be ok.
  • Irix 6.5.x NIS slave server crashes Linux NIS master
    A Irix 6.5.x NIS slave server which is bound to the Linux NIS master server could crash the Linux ypserv. As workaround please make sure that the Irix workstation is bound to itself (localhost).
  • Sometimes I'm not allowed to connect to ypserv
    You don't allow localhost to connect to ypserv. Make sure, that you have localhost as allowed host in /etc/hosts.allow or /var/yp/securenets, depending on your configuration.
  • My ypserv is running on Slackware 4.0 and I get internal errors from ypcat or ypserv dies with a seg.fault
    It seems the gdbm on Slackware 4.0 is broken. At first try to recompile gdbm. If this doesn't help, recompile ypserv with the new gdbm.
  • rpc.yppasswdd dies on RedHat 6.0
    RedHat 6.0 seems to use MD5 hashes as default. rpc.yppasswdd couldn't handle these. This should be fixed with version 1.3.7. But be aware that I haven't test it with longer passwords then 8 characters.
  • ypinit -s master fails due a ypxfr seg.fault.
    You use a Linux libc 5.x with NYS support. There is a well know problem with this libc: If a service in /etc/nsswitch.conf isn't available, the libc seg.faults. Fix: Add your NIS master server to /etc/hosts.
  • getXYent() will not find all entrys.
    You use a NIS master server from SUN and you have empty lines in the sources for the maps. Remove this lines.
  • I have users with UID 0, NIS seems to ignore them.
    In /var/yp/Makefile, there is a line: MINUID=100. For security, root and system passwords with lower UID's will not put in the password databases. You could set MINUID to 0. The same for gid's.
  • I wish to use shadow maps with NIS.
    Put shadow to the all: rule in /var/yp/Makefile and check the shadow rules for your system. For changing shadow NIS passwords, read the rpc.yppasswdd man page. libc5 with traditonal NIS doesn't support shadow passwords over NIS.
  • I couldn't login on a client
    You have read the old NIS-HOWTO and put a "*" in the password field of the last /etc/passwd line? Forget it. With libc 5 or glibc 2 (libc 6) you will overwrite your password with this. Remove the "*" from "+:*:::::".
  • I have updated the NIS master databases, but the ypcat shows the old data.
    You have ypserv 1.2.0 or later, which caches the database file handles. You must use makedbm with the "-c" flag. If you have ypserv 1.2.0, you should upgrade to 1.2.5, since there was a bug in the cache code.
  • I will install a new NIS slave server in a subnet, where no other server is. But ypinit -s "master" does always fail
    You have to set up your PC as a NIS client first, before running ypinit. Make sure that ypwhich -m will work.

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Last modified: Sun Jan 22 15:04:13 CET 2012